Tabletop Photography

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Learn tips and tricks on making food photos jump off the screen, and having your crafty DIY's, or your online store, present themselves in the best light. You don't need expensive studio equipment to achieve great results - I'll show you how!

Instructor Message

The first time I picked up a camera with serious intent was during a high-school photography class where I learned the craft of black and white photography, dark room development and ‘old-school’ post processing. That's when the photography bug bit me and I was tempted to make it my career. I did change that path a little though and made a career in communications, where I art direct photo shoots, print materials and manage a team of professional designers. Every day I translate ideas in my head into actual materials.

Since working with all this creativity around me, I decided to pick up my camera again for my own creative work - that's how my adventure in blogging, food photography, travel photography and magazine work started. I started sharing my work, contributing to blogs, working on assignments, each time improving my skills and delivering quality work - this resulted in some great collaborations, mentions, teaching opportunities and even having my photos published on the cover of a magazine!

I believe in using what you have to achieve great results and not being limited by a budget, space or location. I believe in starting small, getting comfortable with what you use and investing slowly with pieces that can enhance your work or make things easier. Things don't happen overnight, but with lots of practice and a bit of patience you can achieve greatness. Anyone can create great photos and the camera you buy has little to do with that magic shot.

Most likely you are the prop stylist, craft stylist, food stylist, photographer, crafter, baker and art director of your own blog or website. You need to fill a lot of shoes, but you also have control to define what you want to share. Your photos help to enhance your content and can be used to tell the story you want. Your photos will evoke feelings and allow your reader to understand your story through images. How does this happen?

Use this hands-on course to learn tips and tricks on making food photos jump off the screen and having your crafty DIY's and/or objects present themselves in the best light. Become the art director of your own photo shoot! I will walk you through seeing and using available light, effective framing and creative composition, using surfaces and backgrounds, colour choices, getting the most from simple equipment and building your visual brand. You will leave this course with skills that can be put to use immediately on your blog or online shop.

This is not a technical camera course or computer program course. We will not go into details on those subjects.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn to define a consistent photographic style
  • Learn how to tell a story with your photos 
  • Learn about proper use of light, use of texture and colors and prop styling 

Suggested Materials

Access to a computer and Pinterest
A DSLR camera
A tripod (optional)
3 white foam boards (from office supply store)
3 black foam boards (from office supply store)
Props and backgrounds, such as plates, cutlery, napkins, vases, glasses, etc.
A basic knowledge of photography is expected as we won't be going over basics.