Stationery Biz 200: Wholesale

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Would you like to see your stationery designs carried in your favorite shops? In Stationery Biz 200: Wholesale, you'll learn all the tools to get you there through instructional videos, interviews with industry insiders, resource lists, my 7+ years of experience in the industry, and more.

Instructor Message

Do you dream of seeing your paper goods on the shelves of Anthropologie, West Elm, or the beautifully curated boutique downtown? When I started Sycamore Street Press, that was my dream as well. I’m so grateful that it’s now a reality, and I want to help you achieve your wholesale goals and dreams, too! 

I've asked 18 of my favorite people from the stationery industry to talk to us as well. They’ve generously shared experiences, thoughts, and advice that you are going to love! You’ll hear from Chelsea Shukov of Sugar Paper, Rena Tom of Makeshift Society, Ken and Shino of Fugu Fugu Press, Beth Salvini of Greenwich Letterpress, Carissa Potter of People I’ve Loved, Erin Austen Abbott of Amelia, Melanie Burk of Caravan Shoppe, Carrie Gifford and Hal Mertz of RedCap Cards, Trisha Logan of Shindig Paperie, Ann Cantrell of Annie's Blue Ribbon General Store, Harold Kyle of Smock Paper, Jen and Omar of These Are Things, Tamara Gellert of the Gellert Collection, Giselle Gyalzen of Rare Device, and Emily McDowell.

When I started selling wholesale, I wished I could have had an internship with a more established stationery company or that a class like this had been available. It would have saved me so much trouble! But you don’t have to worry about that -- take this class and you’ll gain the kind of advantage I would have been thrilled to have.

Also, if you’re just getting started, check out my class -- Stationery Business 100: Starting Strong --  here on

Learning Objectives

  • Make sure your products and line are primed and ready to be sold wholesale.
  • Familiarize yourself with the logistics of selling wholesale: scaling, line sheets, minimums, invoicing, and more…
  • Learn how to market your work specifically to a wholesale audience and how to build strong connections with shop owners and buyers.
  • Figure out if you’d like to work with sales reps or not, and if so, best practices for negotiating those relationships. 

Suggested Materials

This class is the RIGHT fit for you if you own and/or operate a stationery/paper goods business, and are looking to either start out or expand your selling to the wholesale market.

If you're looking for a class to go over the basics of starting a stationery business, you can find that in my other class on atly called Stationery Business 100: Start Strong. In that course, I teach the basics of creating a brand, building a product line, making & manufacturing your work, and shipping and packaging. I also have more upcoming Stationery Business courses planned.


    #22 | Total Time: 6.5+ hours




    Interview with Chelsea Shukov of Sugar Paper


    Interview with Emily McDowell
    Product Design
    Interview with Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co
    Interview with Carissa Potter of People I've Loved
    Interview with Giselle Gyalzen of Rare Device

    PART 2

    Interview with Jen Adrion & Omar Noory of These Are Things
    Interview with Carrie Gifford & Hal Mertz of Redcap Cards
    Line Sheets
    Business Cards 
    Interview with Harold Kyle of Smock Paper

    PART 3

    Social Media
    Interview with Ann Cantrell of Annie's Blue Ribbon General Store 
    Trade Shows
    Interview with Rena Tom of Makeshift Society
    PART 4
    Interview with Ken + Shino of Fugu Fugu Press
    Interview with Trisha Logan of Shindig Paperie
    Interview with Melanie Burk of Caravan Shoppe