Sewing 101

$ 30.00

Sewing 101 is for the adult who wants to learn to sew using a sewing machine. You will learn the fundamentals of sewing in order to set a good foundation for creating beautifully sewn projects.

Instructor Message

Sewing garments, quilts, crafts, or home decor projects is a wonderful way to express your creative side all while enjoying a hobby! Understanding how to use a sewing machine is key to successfully completing a project. In this class, you will learn the ins and outs of sewing machines along with the basics of fabric, tools, and sewing terms. My goal as your instructor is to set a good foundation to help you achieve happy and successful sewing with skill and confidence.

: sewing machine parts and functions, how to sew seams, the basics of fabric, the basic tools and notions needed, and key sewing terminology.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the important parts of a sewing machine and how to operate it.
  • Gain a basic understanding of fabric.
  • Learn sewing terms that will make sewing approachable and successful.
  • Understand the basic notions and tools you will need to sew projects with ease and skill.

Suggested Materials

-a sewing machine
-the owner's manual for your sewing machine
-a new needle (Universal point, Size 80/12)
-a bobbin (the correct size for your machine)
-a spool of thread (cotton or poly/cotton blend)
-1/4 yard of solid-colored fabric
-straight pins & pincushion
-a pen or pencil
-a ruler or measuring tape

EXTRAS (optional)
-tailor's chalk
-seam gauge
-thread snips
-seam ripper