Rise to the Top

$ 39.00

A 5 week creative clinic that guides you through the creative process, through videos, a workbook, and interviews. Say goodbye to self doubt, and hello to creating work that you're proud of.

Instructor Message

Rise to the Top is a 5 week course designed to help you reach your full creative potential in both your life and your business. You’ll become more confident about your choices, feel more creative, and feel like you’re taking a clear path in your creative life.

“Where to begin? Amber Kane was beyond insightful. I felt like I was watching a TED talk. I loved the idea of having students daydream. Just stop and watch your students. It’s simple and wonderful.”

“I feel I really connected with the divergent thinking aspect. It helped me think super creatively and outside the box. Awesome awesome speaker! She is so inspiring!”

You watch people around you live a life filled with creative passion and you can’t seem to tap into yours.
You feel like you’re at a crossroad and you need help deciding which way to turn.
You have a strong desire to develop a personal and professional identity.
You want to be confident about your creative decisions
You want to feel like you’re taking steps towards reaching your full potential as a creative thinker and maker
It’s time for you to share your gifts with the world

Through Rise to the Top we’re going to plow down self-sabotage, create a road map to your creative process and learn how to celebrate and share your work with the world.

Learning Objectives

  • Define creativity in your own terms
  • Identify your personal voice
  • Understand the creative process
  • Map out your ultimate creative practice
  • Say goodbye to self doubt
  • Understand your space in the creative world

Suggested Materials

This is an entry level course, you just need to open and willing to try new things, and let your creativity flow.

Feedback Policy

Feedback upgrade provides you instructor review of your class activities and response to general questions about your creative process as well as to help you brainstorm how to share your work, is available for up to 6 weeks. You should first complete all course work and worksheets, and then you're welcome to schedule a 40 minute call, where we dive deep into whatever you need more help and guidance. 

Feedback upgrade is available at anytime.