Photoshop for Illustrators: The Basics

$ 60.00

This class is for anyone who is curious about making art in Photoshop.  We'll start at the beginning and learn the basic tools you need to create successful art, designs, and illustrations in Photoshop. This class is taught by Stephanie Fizer Coleman.  Contains 18 videos with 3.5 hrs of content.

Instructor Message

Digital art doesn't have to look stiff and cold. With the right knowledge, you can create Photoshop illustrations that look just as organic and painterly as a real life drawings and paintings. Intended for illustrators, artists, and designers who are new to Photoshop, this class will tackle the basics of digital illustration.  

I've created the class I wish I had ten years ago: a class that breaks Photoshop down into the essentials needed for illustrating.  You'll learn how to set up your Photoshop workspace, import your sketches, and how to prep your document for illustration.  You'll also learn how to use the basic tools for Photoshop illustration including the brush tool and the lasso tools, which are my personal favorites.  By the time class is finished, you'll be able to create an illustration in Photoshop and modify it with ease.  

This class includes a combination of text and video, including a Photoshop drawing demo.

Learning Objectives

  • To become familiar with the basic tools you'll need to illustrate and create art in Photoshop.  
  • To learn how to bring your rough sketches into Photoshop.
  • To become familiar with the Photoshop workspace and how to customize it to fit your needs.
  • To gain the knowledge to organize your Photoshop work in a way that makes it easy to edit and modify.  

Suggested Materials

Although we are creating digital artwork, I recommend that you have pencil and paper to sketch on.  I always start my work as a pencil sketch before moving into Photoshop.  Don't worry about a fancy sketchbook; I often draw on regular old copy paper. 

Also suggested is at least a basic graphics tablet.  Illustrating digitally is a more organic process when you're using a graphics tablet instead of a mouse, and this course assumes that you are using a graphics tablet.  

This course is being taught on Photoshop CC.  If you're using an older version of Photoshop, you may find it difficult to follow along simply because things will look different.  If you don't already have it, I recommend a 30 day trial of Photoshop CC, which you can download at



    #17 | Total Time: 2 hr 7 min
     Intro to the PS Workspace 6:25
    Photoshop Tools 29:44
    Finding Keyboard Shortcuts 1:00
    Using the Swatches Palette & Color Sliders 7:41
    Creating a New Document 2:09
    Importing Your Sketches 11:20
    Staying Organized with Layers & Groups 4:35
    Laso Tool 3:51
    Shape Selection Tool 2:50
    Pen Tool 5:58
    Shape Tools 6:22
    Brush Tool 12:11
    Bonus: Clipping Masks & My Fav Brushes 5:48
    Photoshop Demo: Robin 45:18
    Color Overlays 15:18
    Resizing & Moving 9:45
    Photoshop Demo: Chipmunks 40:40