Painting the Landscape

$ 50.00

This class is intended for the beginning painter. Those who are looking to start with the right materials, paints, brushes, etc. The focal point of the class is a recording of me painting a landscape start to finish.

Instructor Message

I don't teach like professors in school.  We won't spend time on theory–we'll get right to it.  In this class I briefly discuss the type of materials you should be working with including, brushes, paints and canvases.  I include links to purchase the items I use myself.

The highlight of this course is an hour video of me painting a landscape start to finish.  I'll help you understand how to start and, more importantly, how to end, or know when to end, your art pieces.  Then I set you to work yourself.

With 15 years of professional experience I am here to help at whatever level you may be at and will help and encourage any subject matter that you are interested in!  For those who purchase the feedback upgrade, I will review four pieces of art and give you suggestions to improve your skill.

Learning Objectives

  •  Starting with right materials
  •  Using a "limited" palette 
  •  Demonstration on getting started
  •  Explanation of certain design principles

Suggested Materials

You can buy suggested materials here: or
also can recommend student grade materials, even if  you are a "beginner," the quality of student grade materials can be tricky, but gamblin makes a great student grade paint and its called their 1980 line. Highly Recommend!

List of colors and good brands:

Gamblin Titanium White
Gamblin Hansa Yellow
Gamblin Yellow Ochre
Gamblin Raw Sienna
Gamblin Ivory Black
Gamblin Permanent Green Light
Gamblin Alizarin Crimson
Gamblin Ultramarin Blue
Grumbacher Red
M. Graham & Co. Transparent Red Iron Oxide

A good variety of hog bristle Brushes various sizes from these brands:
Rosemary & Co.
Connoisseur (Hog Bristle Filbert)
and a good fan brush from Princeton Art & Brush Co. 5100FN number 6
(explanation of brushes in video as well.)