Modern Buttercream

$ 199.00

Buttercream went out of style for a while, but it's back. And it's gorgeous. In this class, I'll share my secret buttercream recipe and teach some traditional piping techniques with added flair. So, let's get ready to ruffle!

Instructor Message

I adore fondant cakes, they're my specialty. Fondant isn't very pleasing to the palate. The delicious, sometimes considered "old fashioned," alternative to fondant is buttercream. This class modernizes buttercream. Piping isn't just for borders anymore--covering an entire cake creates a full new look. I use these buttercream frosting techniques on "baby smash", birthday, and shower cakes. (I even used this handiwork for an entire smash cake photo session for my family's yearly pictures.)

Learning Objectives

  • Obtain my super secret buttercream recipe that I use in my cake business.
  • Learn piping basics, filling and holding a bag, pressure and speed
  • Round tip--make balls and crescents 
  • Closed star tip--rosettes and shell border
  • Petal tip--ruffles, ruffles and more ruffles!

Suggested Materials

Baked cake, mixer, turn table, piping bag and tips. Lists with specific items are included in each class.