Manufacturing Clothing Overseas

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Everything you need to know about having clothing products made overseas, from start to finish. We focus on apparel, but many of the principles you will learn about can be applied to other products as well.

Instructor Message

My name is Jenny and I am owner of Taylor Joelle designs, a children's clothing brand. My husband and I started this business over 8 years ago. Through lots of research – and trial and error – we feel that we have developed a great system for getting the quality product made overseas.
You are probably here because you have a product in mind that you would love to see manufactured. It may be a single item, or a large collection. Maybe it's an existing product, and you want to start making that product in bulk for less cost. I am here to help you get your manufacturing goals to reality.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to find a product that will sell
  • Find a manufacturer for your product
  • Obtain a sample of that product
  • Get that product in your hands and ready to sell

Suggested Materials

    No additional materials needed for this class.


      # 20 | Total Time: 47 min
       Introduction 1:20 
      Cost 1:08
      Surveys 1:00
      Facebook and SurveyMonkey 4:08
      Trade Shows etc. 2:24
      Alibaba 6:30
      Interview with Vox 5:06
      Cautions about Alibaba 2:17
      Modifying Products 1:44
      Sending Products or Samples 1:09
      Color Trends and Palettes 1:00
      Surface Patterns 1:43
      Surface Patterns Screen and Illustrator 3:25
      Sizes 1:08
      Sketching your Product, Finding Photos 2:19
      Tech Packs 4:30
      Obtaining a Sample 2:55
      Payment and Turn Around Time :32
      Tags 2:49
      Conclusion :26