Illustrator 210: Illustrating

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Illustrator can be a great tool for creating actual illustrations! Learn a variety of vector illustration techniques in this class and discover which techniques fit you best.

Instructor Message

Despite its name, Illustrator is a program that is used for many, many things that aren't considered illustration like mocking up websites, creating ads and posters, and designing various printed materials. This makes it very possible for you to use this program and not actually illustrate anything! But let's not forget that it is a powerful and fun tool for creating illustrations as well. 

In Illustrator 210: Illustrating, I focus on teaching useful Illustrator techniques that all apply to illustration, from the pen tool to the pencil tool to scanning in and vectorizing your own drawings. If you have ever wondered how to create compelling vector illustrations, this is the class for you!

Learning Objectives

Appropriately seek and use inspiration materials while developing your own unique voice.
Use the Pen Tool more effectively to create illustration.
Use a pencil and paper sketch as a starting point for your vector illustration.
Understand the advantages and disadvantages of using tablets and choose whether a tablet is a good fit for you.
Scan and vectorize your original sketches.

Suggested Materials

Illustrator CS4 or higher is required for this class. It is highly recommended that you follow course instruction using the latest version of Adobe Illustrator. You can download a free 30-day trial of the latest version at