How To Build A Shed

$ 35.00

This class will teach you the steps to build your own back yard storage shed. It shows you how to build the foundation, floor, walls, roof and door. The class has over 140 photographs and step by step instructions to help you visually understand the shed building process.

Instructor Message

Chris Cockrell has been designing and building custom homes and storage buildings and commercial structures for over 20 years.

Learning Objectives

  • You will learn the steps used to build your own backyard storage shed.
  • You will gain an understanding of construction techniques such as floor and wall framing and building a door. 

Suggested Materials

Hammer, Circular saw, Tape measure, Pencil, Chalk line, Framing Speed Square, Nail puller, Safety Glasses, Cordless screw gun.
(Optional and recommended, but not necessary: Chop saw, Table Saw, Air compressor, Framing nail gun, Roofing nail gun)