Holiday Prep Boot Camp

$ 10.00

Learn how to create simple systems to help you accomplish everything on your holiday to-do list (before the 24th!) AND keep your focus on the parts of the holidays you actually love and look forward to.

Instructor Message

This class is for people whose eyes start to roll at the first sound of Jingle Bells. For people who sputter at the sight of ornaments and mistletoe. For people who, no matter how many times they've said "this year will be different," find themselves scrambling at the mall on December 24th. This class is for you!

Here, we'll be covering the most popular, gripe-worthy holiday components we all encounter before, during, and after the holidays, how to accomplish them as efficiently as possible, and how to keep the focus on what really matters to you. We all celebrate differently. My goal is to help you identify what parts are important, what parts have to be done, and what components you can toss aside. (Yes, I'm giving you permission to do that!)

Learning Objectives

  • Analyze your holiday traditions and expectations 
  • Re-evaluate those expectations so items most important to you garner the majority of your time and effort.
  • Create simple and easy-to-maintain systems for organizing any and all holiday events throughout the year. 

Suggested Materials

A sturdy binder and set of dividers
A calendar of some sort (day planner, iPhone, Google calender, etc.)