Exercise Program 101

$ 75.00

Want to start an exercise program? Don't know where to begin? For upwards of $60 an hour you can hire a personal trainer, or for much less you can learn the principles of creating a successful, personal exercise program here!

Instructor Message

As a trainer, I used to charge $60+ for individual personal training sessions. I soon realized that wasn't a realistic opportunity for many people out there and I got tired of selling people on it. My goal is to share with the world my passion: health and wellness. I now spend my career teaching others how to teach themselves the principles of health. In this class, you will learn how to create your own personalized exercise program to help you achieve your fitness goals.  This class is for those really looking for a change. Come prepared to receive regular homework assignments (they're fun), a step-by-step process to creating your own program, and plenty of exercise ideas!

Learning Objectives

  • Create and stick with your exercise goals.
  • Understand the components of a successful exercise program and how to cater it to your lifestyle.
  • Receive valuable tools for tracking and monitoring your exercise program. 
  • Receive personalized feedback throughout the class (with upgrade option). 

Suggested Materials

Printer, Space enough to perform in-place exercise movements, Small hand weights (not required, but recommended), Readiness to change and commit to an exercise routine