Eating Clean

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What does it mean to eat clean? What foods should I be eating and how much of it? How do I know what my body needs each day?

Instructor Message

Eating clean is very simple.  People tend to overthink and stress out over the concept.  After you have completed this course you will better understand what you should be eating and how much, how to make healthier decisions and tricks of the wellness trade.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the six categories of nutrients and what they do for your body
  • Learn what and how much you should be eating from each nutrient category
  • Understand portion sizes and how to keep food in moderation
  • Develop a clean eating lifestyle
  • Learn how to create your own clean daily meal plans
  • BONUS ITEMS INCLUDED: clean dessert and snacks recipes printout, pantry staple items printout, clean snacks printout and flat belly tricks.

Suggested Materials

Printer for bonus items