Discover Your Passion

$ 199.00

Discover Your Passion is for anyone who wants to get serious about their passions. Whether you have too many or are stuck in a space where you think you have none we are doing some exploring AND problem solving in the workshop!

Instructor Message

Finding your passions is all the rage but no one is helping figure HOW to do that! What if you don’t have one or what if you have too many? Through a series of exercises and encouragement you will use your own instincts to guide you to the point of clarity. Monica Lee will guide you to "unpack your own inventory of uniqueness" and give you practical take away tools to help you move forward and get off the spinning Teacup Ride of indecision.

Learning Objectives

  • Peel back the layers and find out what appeals uniquely to you.
  • Gain muscle building exercises to help you trust your inherent instincts.
  • Avoid pitfalls and gain tools for your journey.

Suggested Materials

Your heart, a good pen, nifty journal, posterboard and some index cards!