Creative Children's Spaces

$ 50.00

This class will teach you the fundamentals to making a personal, creative, and cohesive space for your child.  You will learn how to mix colors, textures, and patterns to decorate a functional and fun space.

Instructor Message

Putting together a child's room, or any room, can feel a bit overwhelming and daunting.  Sometimes it can be hard to mix your child's interest to make it personal and yet not make it look too cluttered.  Or make it not look too sterile and straight from a catalog.  I believe a child's space should reflect the interests of the child, and be a place where play and creativity abound.  Having graduated with a BFA in photography and working as an interior designer and stylist for over ten years, I have years of experience working with children's spaces.  By the end of this class you will be able to put together your own creative and personal children's space.

Learning Objectives

  • Create your own interior mood board.
  • Learn how to mix colors, textures, and patterns (basics of color theory).
  • Learn about scale and mixing different styles. 
  • Learn how to add special touches to make the space personal and creative.

Suggested Materials

computer, fabric, wallpaper, and paint swatches, magazines and books for inspiration.