Online Workshops

It's a new year so we're trying something new...introducing atly's live, online workshops!  The classes below are offered in both an online class and an online workshop model.  We'll be adding more workshops soon!


How It Works

Weekly Content and Collaboration

Workshops have schedules with homework and due dates.  They include the same pre-recorded videos and other content as their respective online classes, but the content will be released one week at a time.  

Students review their weekly coursework, including videos, documents and web pages, as their schedule permits, and submit homework via email by Sunday nights.  Instructors respond individually to homework on Mondays and host a live webinar on Tuesdays to review class homework, answer questions, offer advice, and introduce the next week’s content.  At the end of the workshop, students have access to all class content, including webinar recordings, for life.


Unlike online classes, students in online workshops will have email communication with their instructor for the period of the workshop.  They will join other students in weekly webinars and will be placed into a workshop Facebook user group where they can share their work with peers, giving each other encouragement and advice.

Sign up today and join us as we improve the learning experience with live online workshops!  To see available workshops, click here.


How is an online workshop different from an online class?

Online classes are asynchronous content only.  Online workshops include the same content, plus interaction with the instructor and peers during the period of the workshop.  Interaction includes weekly webinars, instructor email access, and a Facebook group page.

When students purchase an online class, they receive all the instruction at once and can consume it at anytime.  In an online workshop, the content is released in weeklong portions.  Both options include homework assignments, but only workshops allow students to submit their homework to the instructor.  Under both options the student retains access to the content for the life of her user account.

If I’ve purchased the online class, can I upgrade to the workshop?

Yes.  Purchase the upgrade option on the workshop product details page and your enrollment will be upgraded at a lower cost.

Is there a limit to the number of students in a workshop?

Yes, classes will never have over 200 students, but instructors may set a lower limit which will be published on the workshop product details page.

Will the schedule be published ahead of time?

Yes.  Instructors will publish a workshop calendar that includes webinar times, homework due dates, and other important information.

Can I join a workshop late?

Yes.  Workshops can be joined within the first week of the start date.

Can I join a workshop at anytime?

No.  Workshops can be purchased at anytime, but will begin on the date listed in the product details page of the atly shop.  On the first day of the workshop, the first week of content will be released.

Does every class have a workshop?

No.  Instructors decide if they will offer workshops for their classes, and how often those workshops will be held.  If you would like to request a workshop, please let us know here.

What happened to the individual class upgrade?

atly lo longer offers individual upgrades.  They didn’t work out well for either instructors or students.  The new workshop option allows teachers to schedule time to help a class of students at once.