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Hi, I’m Jordan, also known as the “Fun Cheap or Free Queen”. And I have a story to tell.  3.5 years ago we hardly had money to pay our bills. We had $10,000 debt on just one credit card and $0 balance in our savings accounts. Literally (read about that HERE). I was a new SAHMom and Bubba had a new business and wasn’t bringing home much of a paycheck (if anything). We looked at each other and decided we wanted a better life for ourselves; for our children. We decided we wanted to stop getting by, and start getting ahead. We set firm goals and worked our tails off. We sacrificed lots of good things, having faith that it would lead to great things. 

And it has.

By working hard we were able to get out of our situation in just one year. We worked even harder for 18 more months and now wake up every morning in our 5,200 sq ft colonial dream-home in a multi-million dollar neighborhood (that we got for pennies on the dollar, of course). And no, we aren’t rich. By a long shot.  But join me as I show you had we made this remarkable journey and how yours can be fantastic too.

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