Fred Larkins

Fred Larkins is an extremely driven serial entrepreneur. Over the past 20 years he has been part of or started twelve startup companies in the entertainment industry, manufacturing/construction industry, retail and technology industry. His roles have ranged from sales & marketing to business development to president and founder. He has generated millions of dollars in revenue through his efforts in all of his roles. He is a disruptor who likes to enter existing markets where business is done in a traditional way and put an innovative spin to make it better. He is experienced at pitching ideas/businesses to Angel Investment Groups, has raised money both for profit and non-profit businesses and introducing new products/concepts to a market. The best way to describe Fred is this: he get’s stuff done.

Currently, Fred is the President and Founder of Ion Sales, LLC which operates Living Well Food Brokers ( He is also part owner of Harbor Toffee Co a small batch manufacturer of delicious toffee.

His most recent success was with a company called Ice Chips Candy. He found them in 2010 where they were making their Xylitol candy product (Ice Chips Candy) out of a two stall garage attached to the owner’s home. He signed them to Ion Sales, LLC and took over their sales and marketing. By the end of 2012 he had their product in 2,000 retail stores in all 50 states. Currently, he manages over 3,000 accounts as Living Well Food Brokers with additional products that compliment Ice Chips Candy. He has created almost 5 million dollars in revenue for Ice Chips to date. In 2014, the owners of Ice Chips Candy released a book titled: “Two Grannies in a Garage” where they credit a lot of their success to Fred.

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