Becca Clason

Becca Clason is a freelance lettering artist, designer, and stop-motion animator who helps brands come to life by handcrafting typographic words, phrases, and illustrations using food, products, and other items. She also creates custom hand-lettered logos. Becca is a one-stop shop: she does her own food and prop styling, art direction, photography, stop-motion animation, and post-production from her home studio in the mountains of Utah.
Becca was born in Ventura, California, and grew up in California, Nevada, and Utah. She studied advertising and graphic design at Brigham Young University before beginning her career in 2007 as an advertising art director in New York City. She transitioned into a full-time graphic designer, and after working as a lettering artist on the side for five years, she began working as a full-time freelancer in 2015. She's recently lived in Los Angeles, Beijing, Milan, New York City, an Airstream trailer traveling the United States, and Salt Lake City, Utah. She now lives in a cabin in the mountains of Northern Utah with her husband, Josh.

In August 2014 Becca created the Salt Lake Lettering Club and planned monthly meet-ups or workshops.

In her spare time, Becca loves exploring new cities, reading, exercising, camping, and hiking in the mountains.

Becca's Classes