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I'm Alma Loveland, and Illustrator changed my life. I know it sounds REALLY DRAMATIC to put it that way, but let me be clear. I was pursuing a career in writing and editing when I started teaching myself Illustrator almost a decade ago. Within a year of learning Illustrator two major things happened.

First, when my design skills were discovered at work, I was able to totally change career paths from writing/editing to design. I am able to support myself and my family doing something that I LOVE, and I owe that to learning Illustrator.

Second (though not second in importance), I used Illustrator to design my personal blog with custom illustrations of my parents and siblings. This attracted the attention of Mike Loveland, then a stranger, who first emailed me and then married me. We now have three beautiful children who are the light of my life, and again, I owe it all to Illustrator.

Because I am self taught, I understand the frustration of learning a new, heavy-duty program. And because I have taught thousands of students over the past 7 years, I tend to know just about every question or issue that comes up along the way. I love using Illustrator and I love teaching it. Check out my Illustrator classes, and let me help you learn this fun and amazing program!

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 Alma has been teaching Illustrator in person and online for 8 years. After 8 years of teaching, she has literally fielded thousands of Illustrator questions ranging from easy ("I don't see Illustrator on my screen." "Have you opened Illustrator?" "No." "Open Illustrator.") to hard ("I've been working for hours in this file and now Illustrator says it is too large to save—WHAT DO I DO??"). Chances are, whatever question you have as you are learning this program, she already knows the answer.


Teacher Reviews

"I didn’t realize that I hadn’t been taking advantage of the new pattern tool like I could have been. Patterns are so much easier now! Plus I would take all of Alma’s classes just for the quick tips and shortcuts she unexpectedly offers during every class."
-Miranda Walker, Illustrator 110

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