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atly is the commons where expert instructors, inspiring content and eager students meet; where you teach and are taught; where instructing is about influencing and learning is about becoming. atly is where education and self-improvement intersect: improve yourself. inspire others.

Questions or Concerns? Send us an email at info@atly.com


Learn On Your Own Time with atly Classes



atly classes are always open, so class begins when students enroll. Without rigid class times, you can learn at your own speed, which is always optimal.  Students retain access to class content for the life of their user account.

Get Feedback with Online, Live Workshops

atly instructors prepare class materials and resources for guided study. They will provide feedback and encouragement, responding to students’ assignments, emails and discussion board posts for students upgraded to the online workshop version of their class. That means every instructor is a resource and every student has a mentor–so the learning will last.

Access Content For Life

You'll never lose access to class materials–you can return, re-learn, and refer as often as you like.


atly is looking for compelling instructors in a variety of creative and business oriented fields.  If you are interesting in creating a class, send us an email at info@atly.com.  We're excite to chat about what opportunities atly may hold for you.  Our top instructors earn $10,000 to $35,000 a year.

Build Your Class

With atly’s simple drag-and-drop tools, building a great class is easy. Your material will be held in our online cloud and can be accessed from any computer or device. So don't delay, sign up to teach a class now.

Receive Editorial Input

atly is committed to only offering content which is both quality and clean. Our editorial team helps instructors create exceptional classes within policy limits.

Share Revenue

atly instructors pay a percentage of enrollment fees plus a small instructor fee any month in which classes have new students. If there are no enrollments, there will be no charges.

Host Workshops

atly has recently added the option of workshops and we encourage our instructors to offer live online workshops several times a year.  Workshops run for 2-6 weeks and include weekly live webinars, email correspondence, and a dedicated Facebook group for students, Instructors and teaching assistants.   Students who purchase online classes may upgrade later to the workshop version of the class.



How do atly classes work?

When you purchase an atly class, you have access to the content for life. You can visit your class whenever you want and go at your own pace through the pre-recorded video and other materials. Students purchasing a scheduled workshop will be able to email the instructor, send in homework for review, join weekly live webinars, and participate in a dedicated Facebook user group. When the workshop ends, you will still have access to all the class content, including recorded webinars, for life.

atly is designed both for busy students and busy instructors. As an instructor, you decide if you will provide workshops in your class, and how often.  atly editors will help you prepare a schedule and understand online workshop expectations.

Are all atly classes video classes?

Beginning March 1, 2016, all atly classes will have at least one hour of video content, some have much more. Instructors create classes using six activity types, one of which is video (see activities types below). Students can see the number of videos included in a course, as well as the length of each video on the class details page.

Can I teach a class on atly?

We are constantly on the lookout for new instructors.  If you have a creative or business skill you would like to teach, please contact us at info@atly.com.  We are particularly interested in creative skills with a business application from instructors with significant professional experience. 

What is the online workshop/upgrade?

A typical class enrollment does not include feedback from nor interaction with the class instructor.  Classes do include discussion boards, but student activity on them tends to be limited.  Online workshops are an opportunity, several times a year, for extensive student-teacher and student-student interaction.  They are an immersive experience in which the instructor can lead many students through the content at once, giving feedback on homework assignments, hosting weekly, live webinars, and moderating a Facebook discussion group.

When a student has purchase an instructors online class and wishes later to purchase an enrollments into the live online workshop of the same class, she may do so, paying a smaller fee to upgrade to the workshop.  Content between the two options is the same except for the addition of recorded webinars in the workshop option.

For more information on workshops, including FAQs, click here.

What is a feedback activity?

Feedback activities are homework.  Each class has these activities, but they can not be submitted to the instructor except in the case of an online workshop.  Students are encouraged to participate on their own to improve their learning outcomes.


Who owns the content?

atly instructors own their class content, unless atly pays for the production of the content, in which case, it may be co-owned.  In either case, atly licenses the content, with rights to perpetually sell the content as classes on atly.com and keep a master copy of your class that is always accessible to enrolled students. 

How long can students access my class material?

For life. Their access is only terminated in the event of death or loss of user account. See our terms and conditions for behavior that may jeopardize one’s user account. Access in not transferable to other users and students are not allowed to copy or reuse class content in any way.

Am I expected to offer workshops?

It is now our policy to include two workshops a year in our instructor contract.  New instructors should keep that expectation in mind while designing classes.  Please email us for more information: info@atly.com.

Will students/instructors have my personal email?

No. During workshops, communication will be performed through an atly administered email account. You may offer your email if you choose, but atly is not responsible for its misuse. See our privacy policy here.

What type of feedback am I expected to give during an online workshop?

Instructors are expected to respond to questions sent through the atly administered email, participate on the dedicated Facebook user group, and give a constructive response to all homework assignments (one per week). Instructors will also review students' homework as a whole during the live, weekly, online webinar.

How will I know when I have a student?

You will be sent an alert to your user account email. You can manage your alerts in your user settings to receive them more or less frequently.

How is the price of my class set?

Classes are typically priced $15–$30 per week of content, or hour of video. The instructor and atly will work together to set an appropriate price. 

Workshop prices are typically at least twice the price of the regular class, and are set to compensate for the instructor's time.

How much content should be in my class?

Students expect classes to take longer than a week to complete, assuming two to three hours of study and activity per week. All classes must have at least one hour of content, split amongst at least three lessons.

I want to teach a project-based class, for example, how to make a pillow. Can I?

An atly editor will review your concept and offer suggestion, but we shy away from smaller project-based classes as our students expect to spend several weeks learning in depth.

How and when am I paid?

Instructors are paid by the 10th of the following month via PayPal. Instructors are required to have an active PayPal account. There is currently no other method for receiving payment.

Can I put a limit to the number of students?

Only on workshops.  There is a standard limit of 200 in each workshop, but a teacher can lower the count of that limit.

What advertising will atly do? What advertising/discounts CAN they do?

We want millions of people to see your class offerings and thousands to enroll. To that end, atly instructors agree that we can advertise and discount regular class enrollments individually, in bundles, and collectively. We will not offer discounts on workshops without receiving authorization from the instructor. In other words, you will never be required to give feedback on an enrollment that was discounted below the value of your time.

We retain the right to offer your class free for promotional reasons.

At our discretion and based on the magical powers of our digital marketing folks, we will advertise classes generally and individually throughout the Internet, using titles, images, and logos used in the class. Such ads may appear in search results, in social media platforms and elsewhere.

atly may discount classes by placing a “sale” tag on the individual class or by offering a coupon code or by making a site-wide sale.

We may blog, pin, and otherwise share socially, or allow others to share socially, snippets from your class, to entice enrollments.

We will also highlight our instructors and classes via featured positions on the site, blog posts, and social media posts.

There is no guarantee that your class will receive a certain marketing budget.

If you would like further information on this topic, or would like to request advertising, please contact us.

Can I offer coupons and sales on my class?

Yes, but you'll need the help of someone here at atly to actually punch it in.

Can I edit or add content while the class is going?

Yes. There is no need to unpublish your class to update it. Simply add or change content and refresh your page. After a minute or two and a page reload, your students should be able to see the changes too.

What about refunds?

If students are unhappy with their experience within the first two weeks, atly may refund their enrollment fee.

Can I teach multiple classes?

Yes. Please do. It establishes credibility and will likely make you more money.

What happens after I submit my class on step 5?

Your class goes to the atly editing team who will let you know if there are any changes to make before it is approved. We are dedicated to enabling classes that are both quality and clean so some content is not permitted. See our terms and conditions.

Can there be more than one class on a topic? 

Yes. atly is a non-exclusive platform where many talented individuals will offer classes on similar skills.


Have any more questions? Contact Us.

Send your questions or concerns to info@atly.com. We will try to assist you in whatever way we can.