Illustrator 100: Essentials

$ 70.00

Get up and running in Adobe Illustrator. Whether you are starting from zero or have basic experience, this course will leave you feeling confident and capable.

Instructor Message

Illustrator enables you to create professional vector artwork. (What is vector? It means it can be scaled to any size, small and large!) This is a great class for those who love design and want to start creating their own projects, and small business owners who want to be able to work on their own graphics.

Illustrator 100 is for those with little or no experience in Illustrator, or those who have a basic knowledge of the program. We start with the absolute essentials! The course includes an overview of the entire program, and tutorials on the most important tools in the toolbar, with an extra emphasis on the pen tool, one of Illustrator’s most intimidating tools. You will learn the most common, basic functions of Illustrator, including how to make and manipulate objects and text, and how to make your hand-drawn artwork into vector graphics. You will also learn how to create artwork for both print and web. Feedback activities are practical and fun.

I have been teaching Illustrator both in-person and online for 7 years to thousands of students, and at this point, I tend to know what your question is before you ask it. I taught myself Illustrator, so I'm also very familiar with the frustrating (and often overwhelming) feeling of tackling a bear of a program like Illustrator. Don't worry. I'm here to break it down. You'll be amazed at what you can do in a few short weeks!

Learning Objectives

  • Gain familiarity with Illustrator's interface, understanding the basics of how the program works.
  • Become confident working with the majority of tools in the toolbar.
  • Create four projects from scratch implementing the concepts taught during the course. 

Suggested Materials

    Illustrator CS4 or higher is required for this class. It is highly recommended that you follow course instruction using the latest version of Adobe Illustrator. You can download a free 30-day trial of the latest version at


      #44 | Total Time: 7+ hours
       Introduction 2:00 
      Vector vs. Rector 5:05
      Each Object is Separate 3:06
      Fill & Stroke 1:42
      Open Paths vs. Closed Paths 2:49
      Strokes & Scaling 3:11
      RGB, CMYK, and Bleed 3:41
      Opening an Illustrator Document 6:32
      The Illustrator Workspace 10:28
      Multiple Artboards 9:55
      Smart Guides 3:29
      Zooming 8:42
      Layers 9:39
      Selection Tools 15:43
      Aligning Objects 6:01
      Grouping 5:52
      Aligning & Grouping 3:52
      Coloring in Illustrator 16:08
      Live Paint Quick Intro 2:36
      Eyedropper Tool 5:11
      Line Tools 12:56
      Shape Tools 15:56
      Pen Tool 20:50
      Pencil Tool 8:57
      Type Tool 26:12
      Working with Strokes 17:21
      Coloring: Live Paint 5:55
      Copy Paste Tips and Tricks 2:44
      Saving and File Formats 16:56
      Part 2: Putting it Together 26:42
      Images: Linked vs. Embedded 8:43
      Pathfinder and Shape Builder 5:13
      Creating Brushes 29:56
      Expand 4:43
      Using the Blob Brush 5:08
      Erasing Tools 7:37
      Transparency + Stacking Order 6:01
      Transform 20:24
      Warp Tools 7:57
      Part 3: Putting it Together 20:59
      Image Trace 17:27
      Introduction to Effect 6:14
      Track, Pad, Mouse, or Tablet? 3:00
      Conclusion 1:56