Photoshop for Illustrators: Texture & Pattern

$ 60.00

This is an intermediate level class that explores creating and using custom shape brushes, textures, and patterns in Photoshop.  You'll learn to apply these skills to create detailed, unique and organic-looking digital illustrations. Stephanie Fizer Coleman teaches this self-paced class, which contains 22 videos with over 4 hours of content.

Instructor Message

Texture and pattern are key in creating digital work that doesn't appear stiff and cold, but is unique, organic, and capable of causing viewers to ask "What kind of paints do you use?" Intended for students with a basic knowledge of Photoshop, this class will level up your illustration skills.

As in my beginner level class(Photoshop for Illustrators: The Basics), this class focuses on what you need to know to achieve beautiful, hand painted looks in your digital illustrations. You'll learn how to create and use custom shape brushes to create a base layer of texture. Then you'll learn how to harness the power of repeat patterns for both illustration and design work. And finally, you'll learn how to create and apply hand painted and grunge textures to create an overall organic look.

This class is presented via a combination of text and video, including two full Photoshop demos.

Learning Objectives

  • To create basic custom shape brushes and custom texture brushes, and apply them to illustrations.
  • To master basic repeat pattern creation through a variety of methods.

  • To build creative textures both through digital and hand rendered methods.
  • To begin building a library of custom shape brushes, texture brushes, basic patterns, and pattern overlays that can be used in illustration or design work.

  • And to harness the skills to create beautiful digital art that looks hand painted or hand drawn.

Suggested Materials

    Although we are creating digital artwork, I recommend that you have pencil and paper to sketch on. I always start my work as a pencil sketch before moving into Photoshop. Don't worry about a fancy sketchbook; I often draw on regular old copy paper.

    Also suggested is at least a basic graphics tablet. Illustrating digitally is a more organic process when you're using a graphics tablet instead of a mouse, and this course assumes that you are using a graphics tablet.

    This course is being taught on Photoshop CC. If you're using an older version of Photoshop, you may find it difficult to follow along simply because things will look different. If you don't already have it, I recommend a 30 day trial of Photoshop CC, which you can download at


      #14 | Total Time: 4 hr 48 min
      About Custom Shapes Brushes 7:37
      Making Custom Shapes Brushes 10:27
      Making Custom Texture Brushes 25:15
      Using Custom Brushes in Your Illustrations 41.24
      Creating a Simple Tiling Repeat 27:29
      Creating a More Complex Tiling Repeat 17:07
      Creating a Half Drop Repeat 26:18
      Using Repeat Patterns 18:11
      Scanned Textures 15:58
      Photographed Textures 9:23
      Digital Textures 9:53
      Combining Textures 7:48
      Using Textures 21:45
      Bonus - Photoshop Demo Painting 33:37