French Macarons

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Make macarons like the french! Step by step tutorial by the author of a french macaron cookbook!

Instructor Message

Have you ever wanted to make French Macarons but were intimidated by them? Well here is your chance to learn! These cookies have a reputation for being high maintenance but this class will show you each and every step using photos and clear instructions so that you will be able to make and enjoy these fabulous cookies at home! As the author of the cookbook “Gourmet French Macarons – Over 75 flavors and festive shapes” I will walk you through each step sharing the tips, tricks, and recipes that I have developed over the years!

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the history and anatomy of French macarons
  • Understand how to use required tools and find quality ingredients 
  • Learn how to properly pipe macaron batter and use templates
  • Understand proper terminology used when making macarons
  • Make a stiff meringue and a 'Tant por Tant' of dry ingredients
  • Properly incorporate dry ingredients into the meringue
  • Make various fillings and properly fill your macaron sandwiches
  • Learn how to store and mature french macarons
  • Try advanced techniques in piping and decorating 

Suggested Materials

Recipe Ingredients and some kitchen tools - these will be covred in the early stages of the class so you will have plenty of time to aquire them but there is nothing too fancy! I also suggest purchasing a copy of my book: 'Gourmet French Macarons: Over 75 Flavors and Festive Shapes' (available through and