Brush Lettering Essentials

$ 199.00

This class is for beginning letterers or for lettering artists who want to learn some new tips. The class teaches how to get your brush pen design from paper to screen by demonstrating correct letterforms, giving tips on creating design compositions using multiple words, and showing how to vectorize your lettering in Adobe Illustrator.  (12 videos, 3 hrs)

Instructor Message

Brush lettering is a beautiful and fulfilling art form, whether you use an actual paintbrush or a brush pen, and I can't wait to teach you more about it! I'm going to share my favorite brush pens with you and give you some printable PDFs that you can use as guidelines for your correct letterforms, stroke direction, and lettering practice. I also have a list of some great reference materials I can't wait to share with you. But most of all, I want you come away from this class with a better base of lettering as well as a finished lettering design that you're proud of.

Learning Objectives

  • How to correctly use a brush pen to achieve the best results in lettering
  • How to create correct letterforms using a brush pen
  • How to connect individual letters to create words in a natural-looking way
  • How to understand what makes a good lettering composition
  • How lettering uses drawing to refine your designs rather than simply writing your letters
  • How to efficiently vectorize your lettering designs in Adobe Illustrator
  • Bonus! How to become better at adding flourishes to your lettering designs

Suggested Materials

Brush pens of various tip sizes and softness
Pen for tracing and inking
Pencil for redrawing your brush lettering
Tracing paper
Drawing paper
Adobe Illustrator
Light table or light pad (if you don't have this, tracing paper will work)
Ruler (optional)