Bookbinding Basics

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Discover an age-old skill–learn the basics of bookbinding to enjoy unlimited creative opportunities. The only requirement for this course is an eager mind and a thirst for creativity.

Instructor Message

Most people never consider how a book is put together. This course teaches the fundamentals of bookbinding, including the basic parts of a book, tool choices, unique and useful implements, and finally the creation of a single section hardback case binding. After taking this course, you will be prepared to create custom gifts, works of art, and that perfect journal you have always wanted. Come learn a dwindling art and infuse it with your own personality and creativity.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand terminology that will make bookbinding relatable
  • Learn and understand the basic materials, tools, and construction techniques of bookbinding
  • Make a one section blank hardback book
  • Discover how to infuse contemporary design and innovation into a centuries-old craft

Suggested Materials

Though many materials are required in this class, several can be substituted with items you already own at home.

Some specialty tools and materials include:
- X-ACTO blade or scalpel
- Bone/Teflon folder
- Awl
- Beeswax
- 45/45/90 degree triangle
- PVA (Polyvinyl Acetate glue)
- Linen thread
- Binder's/Davey Board
- Bookcloth
More details (and resources for where to purchase these items) and commonly used household materials are further described in the course