Overcoming Overwhelm: Where to Begin

$ 29.00

You feel totally overwhelmed. But there is hope! This class will help you cut through the chaos and find some balance in your life. Through a combination of audio, video, text and printables, we will help you find room to breathe again. Less stress begins here.

Instructor Message

Hi! I'm Nicole. I'm a busy mom of four.

I know how absolutely overwhelmed you feel when you try to raise your family, manage your home, follow through with commitments, build a life and scrape any free time for yourself (which rarely happens).

I've been there. I know how you feel. And I've learned a great technique to find your way out of the overwhelm - I can't wait to share with you!

Learning Objectives

How to address and overcome overwhelm
Identify and understand role confusion and how it could be hurting your family (and you!)
Learn a proven formula to say "no" respectfully, without guilt
Learn how to set realistic expectations without lowering standards
Understand what life balance really looks like
Discover 8 ideas to conquer chaos in the morning
Gain a strategy to manage your OWN meltdown

Suggested Materials

Printer to print out pdf workbook and a pen or pencil.