Interior Design Start-Up

$ 40.00

This class is ideal for the aspiring Interior Designer who wants to work from home. We'll cover the basics to starting up your own business as well as how to run your business once it's up!

Instructor Message

I have been getting questions from aspiring designers for years! There are so many talented people out there who want to become designers but they don't even know what step to take first. I love sharing advice with my fellow designer lovers. I've learned a lot over the past five years of owning my own business and happy to pass on any advice I can.  If you have a good eye for design, time, a huge drive and passion you can definitely succeed in this business.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand what goes into starting your own Interior Design Business
  • Learn how to get your own clients
  • Become aware of all that goes into designing for a client including the design process.

Suggested Materials

Power Point, Keynote, Photoshop


    #7 | Total Time: 10 min
    Introduction 0:31
    Do You need a Degree 1:40
    Working For Free...At First 1:47
    Prove Yourself & Get the Word Out! 1:58
    Initial Consult 2:34
    Thank You 0:33