Calligraphy 101

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Calligraphy 101: where you'll learn the basics of understanding your calligraphy pen, dipping ink, mixing ink, understanding pressure to create strokes, & scribing the alphabet. These foundational exercises will help you grow more confident in practicing & developing your own calligraphy style! Happy writing!

*Song: "Corner" by Allie Moss.

Instructor Message

To write beautifully is to write with thought, kindness, care, & more importantly, a patient hand. There is something timeless about a thought, to a pen, to a hand, to a piece of means something. It means one took the time out of a busy moment to create a thought. It means one appreciates the meaning of time & how precious it is in this world. A text or email simply doesn’t hold as much value. I hope this class is an introduction to spending more time not only mastering the craft of beautiful handwriting in calligraphy, but also pausing & enjoying the slowness & nostalgia of crafting a beautiful letter or thoughtful gift. Whether it be to yourself, or someone special, I guarantee it will be good & thoughtful medicine. In good time, of course. Be sure to find joy in the process of learning this art form, & happy writing!

Learning Objectives

  • To understand the basics of using a calligraphy pen
  • To scribe the alphabet
  • To understand how to mix your own gouache ink
  • To leave with enough confidence to write your own note, & keep the art of the handwritten letter alive, with a fancier pen!

Suggested Materials

Here are the items you may purchase to get started:
-Nikko G Nib

-Pen Holder (Straight Pen Holder or Oblique Pen Holder...Left hand seems to write best with oblique, but both work fine!)

-Tracing Paper

-Guideline Paper

-Blank White Paper

-Yasutomo Waterproof Liquid Sumi Ink

-Gouache Paint (Winsor & Newtown OR Holbein brands....color of your choice

-0.5oz. or 1oz. size bottle with lid, or small container with lid (to shake/mix the gouache paint with water to create your special ink)

-Water dish (from your kitchen!)

-Water (from your sink!)

-Napkin or Paper Towel (from your cupboard!)