Videography 101: Basics

$ 199.00

Learn the basics of DSLR videography that can be applied to any genre of video.

Instructor Message

We truly believe that all it takes to create a great video is a few basic pieces of knowledge, a couple budget-friendly gear items, and a little creativity. 

A video has a way of sharing a message or emotion like no other art form. It puts you there. It puts you in the moment. It is so rewarding to work through the creative process of coming up with an idea, to getting that "money shot,"  to finding the right music to fit the tone.

This class is perfect for the beginner/early intermediate user who is just approaching the amazing world of videography. We cover the very basics, yet include some intermediate level suggestions for those who work quickly or already have a little knowledge of DSLR cameras.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn what equipment essentials you'll need [on a budget]
  • Learn what camera settings are essential for video
  • Learn how to approach the process from creating a "set" to getting those unique shots. 
  • Learn how to capture good audio for your video
  • Learn a few of the editing basics

Suggested Materials

For this class you will need access to a DSLR camera with editing capabilities, a computer with editing software installed, and an external mic [optional but highly suggested].