Illustrator 110: Patterns

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Learn to make perfectly tiling repeat patterns in Adobe Illustrator! Instructional videos show you the exact process, help you through troubleshooting common problems, and get you started on creating your own patterns.

Instructor Message

Making patterns is one of my favorite things to teach in Illustrator! The process is fun and rewarding, and the applications are vast!

Illustrator 110: Patterns is a great class for anyone with basic Illustrator experience. It is a perfect follow-up class to Illustrator 100: Essentials, or a great place to start if you already know your way around Illustrator but want to focus on this useful skill!

Learning Objectives

Understand the basics of creating pattern swatches in Illustrator.
Gain in-depth knowledge of and experience with Illustrator's pattern making tool.
Develop technical skills necessary to create perfect patterns and troubleshoot common errors.
Prepare patterns and files correctly for production on fabric, paper, and other professional uses.

Suggested Materials

Basic Illustrator skills are required. Illustrator CS6 or higher is strongly recommended for this class. If needed, you can download a free 30-day trial version of Illustrator from