Buttercream Basics

$ 15.00

Anyone can make gorgeous cakes with the right tools and some simple tips and tricks. The videos will cover: baking tips; making a classic buttercream; trimming, filling and frosting your cake smooth; and stacking your cakes.

Instructor Message

I started cake decorating classes to learn how to make cakes for my own children. I found a creative outlet that I have loved ever since. I love making unique cakes for others, but what I enjoy even more is teaching others. When I get pictures from students sharing what they've created, I get giddy.  I can't wait to see your work and I hope you enjoy this, and my other, classes. If there is a technique you'd like to learn let me know and we'll create a class for it!

Learning Objectives

  • Get evenly baked cakes
  • Learn to make buttercream frosting
  • Feel confident trimming your cake evenly, fill it and frost it nice and smooth without crumbs
  • Stack your cakes so they are even and ready to decorate

Suggested Materials

Baking supplies and utensils, mixer, turn table, piping bag and tips. Lists with specific items are included in each class.