August Desktop Calendar Download Posted on 3 Aug 12:08


Welcome August, aka “Oh shoot we still have a bunch of things on our summer bucket list” month! This month’s desktop calendar is a beach theme because I have not made it to the ocean yet, and I have got to get my kids there before school starts or else I’m a terrible lying mother!

One thing on my bucket list that I did do this month is learn more about adding texture in Photoshop. As I use Pinterest to collect images that I love and that inspire me, I have noticed that many of the illustrations I am drawn to use texture. But I do all of my work in Illustrator, which is not an app that is very versatile when it comes to texture. Don’t get me wrong, there are ways to add texture and depth, and I cover a few key ways in my Illustrator 210: Illustrating class. But the texture I have been drawn to is not the type of texture that can be easily created in Illustrator.

So I scheduled a training session with an illustrator I admire, Stephanie Fizer Coleman, along with my design partner Melanie Burk. Stephanie showed us how to layer texture into our document, and how to use brushes to add depth to our illustrations.

What do you think? Here’s a before and after of my shells. The before is what I did in Illustrator. The after is what happened when I brought my Illustrator work into Photoshop and added texture and depth.

Is this something you are interested in learning? Maybe I could convince Stephanie to put together a great class that shows her amazing process?

In the meantime, enjoy a beach-theme for your desktop this month! Even if you’re stuck in the middle of a desert like me!

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Hope to see you in class sometime!

Written by: Alma Loveland

Alma is a designer who specializes in patterns, illusrations, and print design. Her work can be described as happy, modern, colorful. She loves Adobe Illustrator and has taught thousands of students to use and love the program as well.