Teacher Highlight: Meet Claudia Miller—Seamless at her Craft Posted on 13 Nov 16:17


Claudia Miller is nothing short of enchanting. The fact that she is a seamstress extraordinaire is simply a bonus. Here’s a bit of a biographical sketch on our Sewing 101 instructor—we know you’re gonna love her!

Claudia was born down south in El Paso, Texas. Interestingly, her parents met and worked in a sewing factory. When she was just 2 years old, her small family relocated to Denver, Colorado where her mom sewed gators for skiers. Sewing has been a large part of the landscape of Claudia’s life.Her father was the son of a carpenter who made cabinets for a living, and pencil boxes, etc. on the side for his children. It’s no stretch to say that Claudia is genetically predisposed to being resourceful, to creating. Crafting is in her DNA.

Claudia is a natural when it comes to teaching. She was an elementary school teacher for years. She loves working with children. In fact, she is currently creating a sewing class for kids, which will appear soon on atly. She admits that sewing is all about trial & error. It’s okay to make a mistake and move on. Claudia’s genius lies in the fact that she underscores learning the process of sewing. Yes, she’ll teach you about the sewing machine, but that’s simply a tool. She also instructs on fabric choices and other fundamentals. Sewing has saved Claudia at times—it is an escape to create.

That’s a quick look into Claudia, inspiring homemaker and gifted crafter. While sewing is a hobby for most folks, it’s pure passion for atly Sewing 101 teacher Claudia Miller.