Christmas Sophistication Posted on 05 Dec 16:10

Christmastime is here. I keep telling myself I should feel more happiness and cheer. Truthfully speaking, December can feel daunting to me sometimes. Last night, my kids made a Christmas chain out of red and green construction paper that was faded in places, held together by silver staples: only 20 days left. Their excitement is big—reminds me how great anticipation really is. Time to transform my panic into hope, into eagerness. But how?


I put Jewel’s “Do You Hear What I Hear?” on repeat to see if that would inspire zeal. Not yet. Even Michael Buble, the best Christmas crooner around, hasn’t gotten me there. Five days into December,the most sane thing I’ve done so far is take atly’s Holiday Prep Boot Camp class. This isn’t a shameless plug, I promise. Today, while the sky shared snowflakes liberally, I took Megan Willis’s class. She was thorough and thoughtful. Her ultra-organized approach to Christmas was rather inspiring. Maybe the most important thing for me that Megan said was it’s okay to say no to things this December. (And therein lies my problem folks.) I read it three times over: it’s okay to say no to things. There were no disclaimers stating I’d officially be a grinch or some distant relative of Ebenezer. Besides, there's sophistication in simplicity. So I’m clinging to the idea of simplifying this Christmas. (I’m breathing easier already.) I may just pull out some construction paper, those elementary school scissors my fingers barely fit through and start a little countdown of my own.