Pillow Talk Posted on 01 Feb 15:58


Today's project is a simple DIY that will bring a little love to your home. I wanted to create a pillow with a gold glitter heart, but I knew that basic fabric paint and loose glitter just wouldn't do. I spent some time at the craft store and found a roll of heat transfer glitter paper, and just like that, I was on my way.

Items You'll Need:

  • Throw Pillow Case. You can make it yourself if you've got sewing skills, and if you don't, take our Sewing 101 class. Wink wink! I chose to buy mine at IKEA, but I've seen them at Hobby Lobby, and even the Dollar Store on a good day.

  • Pillow Insert

  • Glitter Transfer Paper. I used Cricut brand, which technically is for the Cricut machine, but before machine there was woman.

  • Scissors

  • Thin Tip Marker or Pen. This is for tracing the heart shape on the transfer paper. I used a permanent marker, which I regret because I then had to wipe it off after cutting and it wasn't easy.

  • Scrap Fabric

  • Iron


Decide heart size according to the pillow insert because it will look different than if you were to hold it up to the flattened fabric. You could, of course, free hand the heart design if you feel confident.


Lay out your transfer paper and trace the heart straight on to the back (non-glitter) side.


I used the corner to minimize wasted space.


Trace the heart. Ideally with a non-permanent marker.


Then cut out the heart once everything is traced.



Iron the pillowcase so that it is ready to decorate.


Center your design, keeping in mind that the pillow will fill it out.


When you are ready to iron, place the scrap fabric over the heart design. You want your iron hot but not steaming! This pass over with the iron is to lightly stick the heart to the fabric because you will flip the case inside out to finish the job.



Next, iron like crazy to make sure the transfer paper sticks!


With this particular brand, there was a plastic film that protects the pillow from glitter while you are ironing. Go ahead and peel it off.




Insert the pillow into the case, enjoy your finished pillow, and feel the love!