Kate Cannon: Bookbinder by Day, Stargazer by Night Posted on 14 Feb 15:57


What do Kansas, bookbinding, and space camp have in common? Kate Cannon of course. Kate is our newest instructor here at atly and we’re a little smitten. Her Bookbinding Basics class is fantastic! Kate was raised in Wichita, Kansas where the sky is big and the horizon is visible. Like Dorothy, she admits, “I know we’re not in Kansas” as she learns to call Utah her current home. Kate graduated with a degree in Industrial Design and has the heart of a dreamer.

When Kate was young,she wanted to be an artist. She painted gravel rocks with her watercolors where, in true entrepreneurial fashion, she tried to sell her colored masterpieces. In college, Kate dreamed of giving architecture a try; she thought better of it when she learned about the Industrial Design major where you make stuff and fix problems. “I can do that,” she said. So she did. Her major led her to enroll in a bookbinding class and it was love at first sight.

What started out as a hobby later rescued her from mundanity. Kate finds creative escape when she is binding. She sells her books at www.winzydesign.etsy.com. When she is not practicing her craft or parenting her two sweet children, she likes to bake. She and her husband watch cooking shows galore. Maybe my favorite tidbit about Kate is that she was a space camp counselor. (Ground Control to Major Kate…take your protein pills and put your helmet on.) She’s a bookbinder by day and a stargazer by night—seriously, what’s better than that?