Elizabeth Dall: Health Coach, Humanitarian, and Mermaid Dancer Posted on 20 Mar 15:49


I have a friend who thinks exercise is a dirty word. In fact, if she ever uses that word in a sentence, she washes her mouth out with chocolate. I want to introduce her to my newest acquaintance and atly instructor Elizabeth Dall. Elizabeth strikes me as a level-headed, I’m-not-a-total-fanatic health coach/educator. She is committed to her work where she teaches corporate wellness for hospital employees at the University of Utah. Let’s just say she’s an instructor who can walk the walk.

What started with a desire to become a nurse to help facilitate healing turned into a passion to help prevent illness via health and wellness. Elizabeth has worked as a personal trainer and an exercise specialist before becoming an educator. She practices what she preaches. She was a track star in high school because she was born to run. Currently, she runs trails—she’s also prepping for a triathlon. You go girl!

Elizabeth is a humanitarian at heart. She helped build a library in Peru and taught Peruvians school lessons too. Travel is her bag—the Caribbean is currently on her brain. She’s a diehard Salt Lake Real fan, but isn’t nearly as obsessed as her husband. Her piano playing skills move far beyond chopsticks, which may explain her love of the movie Pitch Perfect? She didn’t say as much, but I’m pretty sure she can sing, and she’s good at modern dance, olden dance, and mermaid dancing which is a little different. (You usually start on the ground.)

Best of all, Elizabeth is a generous soul. She’s offering her Diet & Exercise Myths class free to the first hundred students who enroll. Just use the code getfit at the checkout for your freebie. Thank you Elizabeth! We appreciate you.