We got us a little ol' Convoy! Meet atly's newest instructors: Alma Loveland & Melanie Burk Posted on 14 Apr 15:43


Alma Loveland is a graphic designer known for her clean, cheerful style. She works closely with her husband at their company Caravan. (Caravan aims to give you all the perks of being a designer without all that stay-up-until-2 a.m. hard work.) Although Alma always considered herself creative, she finally found her artistic medium when she learned Adobe Illustrator. She now eats, drinks, inhales Illustrator and hardly even knows what to do with a pencil and sketch pad anymore. Exhale. Alma enjoys life with her husband and two children, good movies, kayaking, and great food. And she’s sticking with her philosophy that everybody should be able to afford beauty because it should permeate life. Take her Illustrator 100: Essentials here.


Melanie Burk is a graphic designer who is hugely obsessed with type. She believes there are three rules to good design: “typography, typography, typography.” Melanie is the founder of Fifth & Hazel, a company that produces websites, branding, catalogues, and surface design. She also sells her designs at Caravan, a company she co-owns with her friends Mike and Alma Loveland. With the belief that art impacts people, Melanie aspires to create good design that invokes change for the better. She loves the outdoors, surfing, March Madness, photography, opera, white hangers, hiking, traveling, Brazil, her husband, typography, foreign movies, her 3 daughters, alternative bands, Africa, and of course, design (not in this order). Oh, and did she mention typography? Typography. If that weren’t enough, she’s happy…and she knows it. For a link to Melanie's Design Core 300: Identity class, click here.

Get to know our new instructors even better by engaging with them in the online classroom. This week only, Alma and Melanie are discounting their classes a whopping 50% (so kind). Just use the code WELCOME50 to take Illustrator 100 and/or Design Core 300: Identity. You'll be glad you did!