April Desktop Calendar Wallpaper Posted on 31 Mar 15:24

Free April 2015 Desktop calendar from atly.com.

Hello, April! It's hard to believe how quickly spring has sprung upon us. Well, I guess even harder if you're not enjoying beautiful weather like I am. I know that some of you are still getting snow! Sorry about that! Whether you are enjoying sunny or snowy weather, here's a calendar desktop that can keep you on track in April!

I made this desktop calendar using Adobe Illustrator, which is the program I use to do all my design work! The flowers and foliage here were simply made with the pencil tool and my mouse (no tablet needed, but it can come in handy!). The background is actually watercolor paper that I scanned and placed into my Illustrator document. Illustrator is a very powerful and versatile program. It may seem intimidating, but I promise that after you invest a bit of time to get past the learning curve, you'll love what you can do with this program!

If you'd like to learn more, I would suggest Illustrator 100: Essentials, and Illustrator 120: Paper, which will teach you all about my tricks for making perfectly spaced calendars (among other things of course!)

(To download this month's free desktop calendar, simply click here or click the image above and save the full resolution image to your computer!)