May Desktop Calendar Wallpaper Posted on 1 May 15:20


Can you believe it's already May? Must try not to say that at the beginning of every new monthly calendar post, but seriously the months are flying past!

I am a designer and illustrator and I do about 95 percent of my work in Adobe Illustrator. One thing I look forward to every month is creating a desktop calendar for you to use! This month I am still on a good foliage kick, and I decided to make a wallpaper of potted plants. Like last month's calendar, I used the pencil tool to create all of these illustrations. You can see that the illustration style is very rough and loose. I did this simply with my mouse. I could have done it with a tablet, for sure, and one of the questions I get often from my students is whether they need a tablet or not to work in Illustrator. My very simple answer to that is that if you are used to drawing by hand on paper, then you may benefit from a tablet! If you are like me, and you don't draw much on paper, then you might not find a tablet all that useful after all. I'll put together a much more detailed post for you later this month, or this is also a topic that I discuss in depth in my Illustrator 210: Illustrating course!

In Illustrator 210, I also explore several different methods of creating illustration in Adobe Illustrator. If you are currently an illustrator and are curious about how to use Adobe Illustrator to help you make your illustrations vector, then this is a great class to take that will get you up and running!


In the above image, you see the first version of the wallpaper that I did, but I realized that while I love the pattern, it might drive me crazy trying to hunt for all my icons on my desktop. (Let's ignore the fact that after a week's vacation, I came home and shoved EVERYTHING on my desktop into one folder called "tidy.") I decided to include three versions for you to choose from so that you can pick the desktop design that you like the most! If you are interested in learning Illustrator to make patterns, then I highly recommend my Illustrator 110: Patterns class. It requires only basic Illustrator skills and teaches you how to take any artwork in Illustrator and make it into a perfectly tiling pattern.


And finally, if you have NO experience in Illustrator and need to learn how exactly it works, then check out my Illustrator 100: Essentials class, which starts you from never having opened the program, gives you a thorough overview of all the important tools and functions, and enables you to start creating your own vector artwork in 4 weeks of videos!

(To download any of these calendars, simply click on the image and save the full resolution image to your desktop!)