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In light of my Tabletop Photography class here on atly, let’s talk about inspiration and how you need to be your own art director and stylist. Before I decide on how I want to execute a blog photo or image for a magazine, I do some research on how something similar might have been photographed before. If I’m looking for a bright, white and cheery feel, I’ll research in that direction – if I want the dark chocolate cake to have a moody, dark feel – I’ll gather photos that fit that mood.

With Pinterest, doing this research is much easier than it used to be. Just set up an inspiration board and start pinning. But don’t feel limited to online inspiration – go ahead and tear out an image in a magazine, or an ad in a newspaper. Make sure to keep the image sources handy, you might notice that you are drawn to a particular stylists or photographer’s work – by keeping your sources handy you can then visit their portfolio for more streamlined inspiration.


When putting together your inspiration board, note (in the comments section of your pin) what you like about that particular photo – what are you drawn to, how do you want to apply this mood to your own photo. Think of words such as: bright background, pop of color, simple arrangement, moody background, sidelight, drips, angle of photo, use of fabric, etc. After a while you’ll notice a trend, something that’s consistent in all of your photos, something you want to apply in all of your work – and your brand starts to emerge.

Go ahead, create an inspiration board and see what you like. Are you drawn to rustic displays, happy stationary arrangements, dreamy food? Once you gather your information, you’ll see your direction and that can help you execute on your vision.

By: Giulia Doyle

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Collage 1: Giulia Doyle

Collage 2: Pinterest board screenshot