How To Get Your Products Into Shops Posted on 12 May 15:16


Hello atly friends! I often get asked by creative makers about how to start selling their products wholesale. Well, today I'd love to share one of my best tips on getting your goods into boutiques.

Whenever we travel (even day trips/excursions!), we try and make a point to visit existing and/or potential stockists. We love being able to create stronger relationships by meeting shopkeepers and seeing their stores in person. And it's also really fun for us! On a recent trip to Stockholm, we set up appointments ahead of time with Cards & Things and House of Rym. We brought samples, but mostly, we just chatted and got to know them and their shops a bit.

Also, we usually happen to discover new-to-us stores while traveling or even on local excursions that seem like a good fit for our products. Instead of approaching them on the spot, we make sure to grab a business card and take note to contact them later. We don't want to surprise them with a sales call, which is why we wait until later to either schedule an appointment or contact them another way. But even then, they are often pleased that we've been to their shop in person, and it helps us make a better, more personal impression.

Best of luck! For additional information on selling your goods wholesale, you can check out my class here on atly.


Eva Jorgensen is the co-founder and creative director at Sycamore Street Press, a paper goods company whose goods are sold in hundreds of independent boutiques as well as major retailers like Anthropologie, Paper Source, and West Elm. She teaches 2 classes here on atly -- Stationery Business 100: Start Strong and Stationery Business 200: Wholesale.


Image Credits: House of Rym exterior via Very Camilla, House of Rym interior via Raw Design Blog, Cards & Things image via @kirk_sycamore, Sycamore Street Press photo styled and shot by Meta Coleman and Chaunte Vaughn.


Written by: Eva Jorgensen