June Desktop Calendar Download Posted on 01 Jun 15:15

Today is June, so let's start a new month with a great desktop calendar to get us organized! Yay!

This month I used a pattern that I made in Adobe Illustrator this past weekend, right before heading out of town. I wanted to show that a pattern could be made start to finish in under 15 minutes. This pattern actually took me just under 10 minutes. To make the strawberries, seeds, and stems, I used the pencil tool set to the lowest smoothness / highest fidelity. This gives me a very organic/sloppy feel to my drawings. In the latest version of Illustrator CC, the pencil tool has been improved, and I find myself using it a lot more often now! If you want to watch a super sped-up recording of how I put this pattern together, I shared a video here on my instagram.

As always, I've included a couple of versions of this, in case the red/pink version is too overwhelming for you! Simply click on the image below that you prefer and download the large image to your computer!

And if you are interested in creating calendars, patterns, or illustrations like this yourself, I recommend my Illustrator classes here on atly of course! In Illustrator 100: Essentials I teach the basics of Illustrator. In Illustrator 110: Patterns, I teach how to use Illustrator to make patterns. In Illustrator 120: Paper, I teach how to use Illustrator for printed design, as well as how to do calendars. And finally, in Illustrator 210: Illustrating, I teach different techniques of using Illustrator to create vector drawings, including using the pencil tool, which I have done here!

Written by: Alma Loveland

Alma is a designer who specializes in patterns, illusrations, and print design. Her work can be described as happy, modern, colorful. She loves Adobe Illustrator and has taught thousands of students to use and love the program as well.