Student Feature: Words Indeed Posted on 04 Jun 15:14

 Hi, I’m Rhonda, Founder and Creative Director at Words Indeed.

I have always loved creating and have always dreamed of owning my own business.  I also have a huge place in my heart for orphans and have always wanted to do something to change the world.  I started my business, Words Indeed, two years ago with the dream of building an orphanage.  I did not have any experience in business or marketing and began the process of trying things, learning, making mistakes and growing.   I decided to sign up for Morgan Smith's Product Marketing class on Atly hoping to get some new ideas and fresh input.

In the class, Morgan provided templates and instruction on how to define her students' target market and keep their brand image consistent.  She showed us how to reach out to bloggers and influencers to market their product. Morgan encouraged us to brainstorm, compile adjectives and inspired them to create a mood board with colors, fonts and styles which would represent our brand.  Shown below is our design/mood board.

As a student, I began incorporating Morgan’s instructions and asking questions via the available instructor time upgrade.   She took the time to learn about me and my company and answered my questions tirelessly.  My social media and website began to take shape and develop into the brand I had envisioned. I went from having no consistency to creating content and products that fit the brand’s look and feel.  As you might imagine, the likes and followers on the brand's social media also began to increase.



Within this framework, my team and I created our Words Indeed Throw Collection.  We now offer 4 styles of throws, each complete with its own leather patch with carefully embossed inspiring words.



THE EVERLY (white)


THE MORGAN, a thick comfy throw, woven in a basket weave pattern, is named in honor of Morgan.   We are so honored to have had the opportunity to work with her and learn from her wealth of knowledge and expertise.

I am grateful to atly for creating this opportunity and platform for learning.  It has improved our business and given us the tools we needed to succeed.  I hope my story has inspired you to try something new, grow from your mistakes and take every opportunity to learn more and become better.  One of my favorite sayings is:

The first shipment of throws is scheduled to arrive in a few weeks.  Our team couldn’t be more excited.  Because we want you to have the opportunity to experience our throws, we are offering the chance to pre-order any of the 3 styles coming in our fall collection.  In honor of Morgan and this class, we are offering 25% off on THE MORGAN for the month of June.   Since it will be a few weeks until the throws arrive we would like to send you a little gift while you wait as our way of saying thank you for shopping with us.


Wishing you all the best success!



Written by: Rhonda Hostetter

Rhonda is passionate about creating spaces. She loves to dream up new things to try that no one ever has done before. Most everything she creates is centered around words and flowers. She loves spending time with her husband, Jeff, and five wonderful kids. In rare moments of alone time, you will find her reading (and writing quotes on note-cards), litening to audio books, and creating vision.