Free Birthday Card Download + Free Stationary Biz Advice Posted on 26 Jun 15:09

Next time you need to wish someone a happy birthday, just download this free PDF, print it out, trim the edges, and you're done! I designed my animal sounds birthday cards with kids in mind, but I've found that adults get a kick out of them, too. And everyone appreciates a hand written note on their birthday (or anytime, really).
Speaking of birthday cards, here's a tip for those of you looking to start a stationery business: Make as many birthday cards as you can. Although you'll want to have cards for a variety of occasions, when in doubt, design another birthday card. They are the biggest sellers by far, so no use fighting it! When I design a new line of cards, just the fact that a certain design is a greeting card gives it a much better chance of being a big seller. So I've learned to just go with that, and have even made collections of designs that are comprised of nothing but birthday cards. (You can see them here, if you're curious: animal sounds birthday cards and copper foil no. 10 birthday cards.)
This may sound like a simple tip, but it's something that's not super obvious and yet can make a BIG difference in your bottom line. Take it from me, I learned the hard way!
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And enjoy the birthday card!

Written by: Eva Jorgensen