July Desktop Calendar Download Posted on 01 Jul 15:07

Last month for my desktop calendar download, I used a pattern that I was able to complete from start to finish in under 15 minutes. Today's desktop calendar download features a bit more of an ambitious pattern. I created this pattern as part of a warm-up this Monday morning after having been away from my computer for a week, and it felt great to just sit down and create. I would estimate that this pattern took me about 3 or 4 hours to develop. Years ago, this certainly would have taken me a lot longer.

I recently met a young woman who is just starting out in graphic design school. She is good with children and had thought she'd go into education, but as she learned more about design, she realized that she was also very interested in pursuing a career in graphic design and decided to change her major. I shared two pieces of advice with her that I have come to learn myself:

1) If you are interested in design, the best thing you can do is JUST START. Right now. Don't wait for the right program at school, and don't wait for your courses to tell you what you should be doing. Just start doing something. And unless you are a very special exception to the rule, understand that what you do right away will not be The Best Artwork Ever Created. And that is okay and it is normal! But the more you create, the more you play, the more you experiment, the more you have fun, and the more you allow yourself to create just for creativity's sake, the better you'll get.

2) If you are interested in design AND you are interested in children, then that is an asset. You can substitute any other passion here for children (cooking, accounting, business, outdoors, etc.). Choosing to pursue graphic design does NOT mean that you are choosing to ignore your other talents or interests. Your work can be informed and elevated by these other areas of interest. So you are passionate about children and education? Then as you learn to be a designer, how can your talent with children influence your work? What problems can you solve with your design because of your skills with children? What gaps can you fill? What can you think of that no one else has yet?

This young woman has signed up to two of my classes this month, and I look forward to seeing her work this month, and I look forward to seeing her work continue to develop over the next several years!

So that was all a round-about way to say, HEY EVERYONE, I have a new monthly desktop calendar that you can download and use for free! Yay! Last month someone suggested that I start designing coordinating printable planning pages every month, and so I am trying it out this month! If you want planning sheets to match your desktop, they are available for $3 in my shop!

And if you are interested in creating calendars, patterns, or illustrations like this yourself, I recommend my Illustrator classes here on atly! In Illustrator 100: Essentials I teach the basics of Illustrator. In Illustrator 110: Patterns, I teach how to use Illustrator to make patterns. In Illustrator 120: Paper, I teach how to use Illustrator for printed design, as well as how to do calendars. And finally, in Illustrator 210: Illustrating, I teach different techniques of using Illustrator to create vector drawings, including using the pencil tool, which I have done here!

Written by: Alma Loveland

Alma is a designer who specializes in patterns, illusrations, and print design. Her work can be described as happy, modern, colorful. She loves Adobe Illustrator and has taught thousands of students to use and love the program as well.