Student Feature: Keera Job Posted on 14 Jul 15:04

‘When I grow up I want to be a fabric designer’! I won’t start by saying this is every little girl’s dream, but it has always been mine. I have always had a great love of all things creative; to make something beautiful with my own hands and to express myself in this way is what truly makes me happy. I started quilting when I was a teenager with my Grandma – we laid out, cut and pieced my first quilt on her sewing room floor. There was love in every stitch and a desire to make so many more. I started LIVE.LOVE.SEW Pattern Co. in 2012 after I had my first daughter; I design and sell quilt patterns that showcase the fabrics I have to work with, and so continue to fall deeper in love with this medium with each new design and each new project I create. It is this fabric that I want to see my own name on – my very own collection for people to make gorgeous things with. I draw inspiration from the place and space around me, my beautiful home in rural Australia and my growing family. I aim to tell a story with my designs, to share precious moments in time and to help someone to make something truly beautiful themselves.

I enrolled to Alma’s Illustrator 100: Essentials class on atly through the advice of some great friends in the quilting community. This class was the biggest boost of confidence in a world where I’m both my biggest critic and biggest fan {depending on the day!}. I purchased an Illustrator license, watched the class videos and set to making my dream come true one step at a time. My biggest inhibitor was feeling as though my drawings weren’t good enough, that I would struggle as I didn’t habitually pick up pencil and sketchbook, and that my ideas weren’t original enough. This class, along with Alma’s follow-up Illustrator 110: Patterns course, stepped me through the process, allowed me to make mistakes and celebrated my successes with me. I picked up a sketchbook and drew for the first time in so long, transferring my ideas, thoughts and dreams into my own collection, and into something that I am so very proud of. Rose Gold is a collection of my favorites – the color palette, the childhood memories it evokes, the motifs and the inspiration behind them. It is by no means perfect, but its mine and it’s a step towards making that ultimate dream a reality. I’ve had my collection printed on fabric at Spoonflower, I’ve ordered iPhone and device cases and covered my desktop in my patterns! I do believe that you never know until you try – I didn’t and now that I have, my dream is all that more achievable.

I feel so blessed to have found Alma through this course. Her faith in her students, her honesty, guidance, expertise and insane talent are what makes this experience all the more amazing. I felt like I had Alma sitting next to me, and that she would have my back if I failed. I still have a lot of work to do, but I have renewed confidence in what I can achieve, and what I will achieve as a surface pattern designer. I’ve started drawing my next collection, inspired by gorgeous Australian native flora, and am so excited to see it come together. The skills I’ve learnt in these classes have given me the ultimate creative outlet, and have allowed me to share my designs with others. The response via my website and on Instagram {@livelovesew} has been overwhelming and the biggest motivation to keep designing. 

This has been a path that I never dreamt I would be on, a dream I never thought would evolve into what it has, and a career that until now, always felt a bit too out of reach. You have to start at the beginning, and through Alma’s classes, and my design work since, it’s a skill I now say I have, and the title of surface pattern designer I attach to my name! Turning dreams into reality feels good!

Written by: Keera Job

Keera is farmer's wife, mother to two beautiful girls, quilter, designer and teacher for LIVE.LOVE.SEW Pattern Co.