Teacher Feature: Morgan Smith Posted on 22 Jun 16:23

I currently work remotely in Southern California, where I live with my husband and baby boy.


Along with teaching on atly.com, I'm currently working with on a consistent basis: Bugaboo HQ (Amsterdam), Freshly Picked (Prove, Ut) , and Storq (San Francisco). While Also taking on various clients on a project basis. Depending on the client's needs and objectives, I do different initiatives for different brands. For example, since Freshly Picked has a strong digital presence I then focus my efforts on more traditional PR such as editorial and celebrity. Another client might want more social media growth focus or outreach programs. I first ask the company their marketing goals and objectives, and evaluate their needs. Then I come up with a marketing plan that is unique for the brand and their audience/customers.

I recently threw a launch event for Freshly Picked in Los Angeles at the Lombardi House for the launch of their new Spring clothing collection!


I also most recently went to Mallorca, Spain and Stockholm, Sweden with Bugaboo, we concepted and created this video for the launch of their Bugaboo Buffalo Escape - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3xChKVyl5I